Disco LL Tomato – A Great Choice For Every Tomato Farmer


Johan Stronhorst – Sakata Crop Manager – Tomato’s and Peppers and Hercules Maritz – Farm Manager – Hohls Farming Eshowe – in a field of Disco Tomato

Fifteen years ago Mayford released Disco LL F1 Hybrid Determinate Salad Tomato.

Today it is still the reliable and adaptable quality variety; making it a great choice for every tomato farmer.

Disco LL F1 Salad Tomato – Special Features

• Long shelf life tomato with an excellent track record.
• Improved colour and flavour.
• High yield potential with a high percentage of first grade fruit.
• The variety is aimed at the typical pre-pack market but for outdoor production.
• Excellent disease package including bacterial canker.
• Low nitrogen requirement because of vigorous growth habit

For more information and assistance on a fertilizer program to help you get the best out of this fantastic variety – contact McDonald Seeds.


Colin Sayer

Good day. Please forward to me a basal and fertigation programme for Disco LL Tomatoes. I have planted 2 hectares from the 30th Dec to the15th Jan. Due to my small fertigation system, I can only fertigate approx 35kg per 0.7 hectare block every week. My soil type is red and rather rocky, in the middleveld of Zimbabwe.

Really appreciate your help on this, thank you.

Colin Sayer

Hello guys. Have overdone my N fertigation applications for the first 8 weeks, due to concerns of overleaching from the 1000 mls of rainfall we have had. The plants are at 10 weeks now, very healthy, and in full flower, but did not fruit as usual initially. Im concerned about over irrigating to try leach some more out, as N runs deep, and this may just promote more growth. But I need to continue with the S.O.P, K, Ca, and Mg applications, and only have access to these ferts with a combined Nitrate base. And the rain continues!! Any ideas?

Aya Kurima

I want to buy the tomato seed inorder to grow it on my farm .
how much does it cost per 1000 seeds

Moses Motate


where can i find your shop in northwest province, preferably around, zeerust, rustenburg, mafikeng areas.

want to try out your Disco tomato

looking at starting with 15k seeds



mike ali

we like to import tomato seeds to saudi arabia…please give us information about best harvest and prices

mike ali

need information about best tomato seeds yealds most harvest ,and prices

Yotamu Muroiwa

What us the yeild per hctr of disco ll

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