Gadra Dry Sugar Bean Seed

Gadra dry sugar beans are protected by plant breeders rights.

Gandra Dry Sugar Bean

Outstanding Qualities

  • Very fast = Early Harvest
  • Excellent Disease Resistance
  • Upright, Bush Growth Habit
  • Large Seed Size

Gadra sugar bean is developed as an early harvest sugar bean. It is particularly well adapted to the Lowveld and Kwa Zulu Natal bean production areas. It also performs well in the late planting slot in all areas when other varieties of beans will not make it through.

The bean also does well in the niche gadra market where it’s early maturity and large pods are sought after. Control of weeds, insects and disease is made easier as there will be little damage from tractor wheels while applying chemicals.


Characteristic Gadra
Seed type Sugar beans
Maturity 85 - 95 days
Adaptation KZN and Lowveld (late plantings elsewhere)
Yield potential High
Growth Habit Upright bush, with pods off the ground
Lodging Resistant to lodging
Shattering Resistant to shattering
Harvesting Easy to harvest
Seed quality Large % first grade
Seed size Around 55 g per 100 seed
Seed rate Approximately 75-80 kg per ha
Pod appearance Large pod with red markings when mature
Fungal diseases Good resistance to rust and angular leaf spot
Viral resistance Resistant to bean common mosaic virus


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