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Resurgence of Brassica Stunting Disorder

cabbage with brassica stunting disease

Some recent feedback from our colleagues at Sakata suggests a resurgence of Brassica Stunting Disorder (BSD) in some areas.

Farmers are warned not to become complacent with their spraying programmes and general hygiene management around this disease, especially since we are entering winter when the aphid infection seems to be higher and more prevalent.

Brassica stunting disorder affects various Brassica species, but cabbages appear the most affected.

The disease is characterized by stunted plants, flattening and sometimes purpling of the leaves, side shoot development, vascular discoloration in the stem and/or midrib of leaves, poor root development, low yield and low quality of the final product, thereby reducing the market value.

The impact of BSD on cabbage production can be severe. If plants are infected at an early stage, their growth will be severely stunted and no head will be formed. If they are infected at a later stage, the size of the head produced will be greatly reduced and a black ring, due to vascular discoloration, will be clearly visible in the stem.

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McDonalds Seeds has served farmers across South Africa for over a century since its inception in 1902.

We provide top quality tested seed specially-suited to local conditions, supported by a dedicated and knowledgeable team offering technical back-up to our agents and customers nationwide. McDonalds Seeds is a family business with a long-standing and dedicated team. Premium seed meets unparalleled customer service – something that is reflected in abiding relationships with customers around the country.

From small-scale gardens to large commercial farming operations, the team at McDonalds Seeds have the knowledge and expertise to advise, guide, and deliver on your seed needs. McDonald Seeds has a steadfast interest in developments in the industry and local distribution of seed befitting the needs of local farmers. This investment in knowledge together with enduring relationships with top international seed companies makes McDonald Seeds your partner in your next great crop.

Cabbage Superslam

Superslam Cabbage

Sakata has recently launched a brand new cabbage variety named Superslam. Superslam is a new generation hybrid cabbage from Sakata’s extensive breeding programme focusing on the South African market. Superslam is suitable for the late summer to early autumn sowing slot, very similar to that of Grandslam. The variety compares well to Grandslam and it is very well adapted to the different climatic zones in South Africa. Seedlings are very vigorous with good uniformity to ensure uniform harvesting. Superslam has round heads with a big frame and good head weight, making it perfectly suited to the hawker and the bagging market. This variety has been tested for an extended period in the different climatic zones – refer to the transplanting guidelines below.

• Vigorous, uniform seedlings
• Very high yield potential
• Excellent cold tolerance
• Excellent field holding ability

Extensive trials on Superslam were performed in KwaZulu Natal over the past few seasons. Feedback from several satisfied cabbage producers included: “Speed to maturity for a winter cabbage is outstanding”, “Exceptional taste” and “Large round heads with high % first cut”.

Dry Bean Seed Mechanical Harvesting

Labour extensive seed is the key to growing cost effective crops.

Mechanical Harvesting has revolutionised dry bean seed production.

Dry sugar bean seed is regarded as one of the most important field crops in South Africa on account of it’s high protein content and dietary benefits.

South Africa produces only 75 % of the dry sugar bean seed consumed in the country therefore a continuous effort is being made to obtain higher production, increase profitability and to meet the ever-increasing demand for food in South Africa and Africa.

Read More about Mechanical Harvesting …

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