Tropical and sub tropical grasses

Weeping love grass Eragrostis Curvula Ermelo January 4 – 6 Upland well-drained warm aspect. Hay and early spring grazing. Set mower high and graze carefully in year of establishment.
Teff Eragrostis Tef (annual) S.A. Brown / Emmerson Oct – Nov 10 – 15 Upland well-drained warm aspect. Hay. Mow before it lodges. A second cut can be taken at half the yield of the first cut.
Bermuda grass Kweek Cynodon dactylon Giant Nk37 / Bermuda January 4 – 6 Sandy soils, warm aspect. Grazing and hay. Suitable for playing fields in hotter areas.
Bahia grass Paspalum notatum Paraguay / Pensacola January 20 – 25 Very adaptable. Tough grass once it has established. Useful grazing for horses and for playing fields.
Dallis grass Paspalum dilatatum Australian Imp. January 30 – 40 Moist bottomland heavy soils. High quality summer grazing. Reduce seed production by topping once or twice during growing season.
Kikuyu Pennisetum Whittet January 1 – 2 All soils, good fertility and humus content. Grazing for all qualities of livestock, reduce seed production by topping once or twice during the growing season.
Rhodes grass Chloris gayana Katambora Nov – Jan 4 – 6 Soils with pH (KCI)>5.0 Hay. Tends to die out if heavily grazed, makes good quality foggage.
Smuts finger grass Digitaria Eriantha Irene January 5 Upland warm aspect Slow to germinate. Used for hay and grazing. Sometimes sown with Rhodes grass as a cover crop. Makes good quality foggage.
Bloubuffelgras Cenchrus ciliaris Molopo Nov – Jan 3 – 5 Sandy, hot, low rainfall areas. Hay and grazing.
Carpet grass Axonopus Affinus Nov – Jan 10 Low fertility demanding grass Grazing and lawns
White Buffalo grass/Guinea grass Panicum maximum Gatton Dec – Feb 6 – 10 Very adaptable / Bushveld Very palatable. Ideal foggage.

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