McDonalds Seeds

Broccoli Seed


An extra early variety which is very uniform and has exceptional heat tolerance.


A new summer variety which also performs well in some cooler areas – very dome shaped and is ideal for the pre-packing market.


The industry standard broccoli in South Africa which can be used for processing and fresh market production – it is very adaptable and has a very high yield potential.


Triton is a spring, winter and autumn variety, usually recommended for the transitioning periods from summer to winter or from winter to summer. This variety is suited for processing and pre-packing, yielding large heads with a good dome shape.


Ares is a fast maturing pre-packing variety suitable for spring, summer and autumn sowing.  Ares produces smooth heads with small to medium plants.Very adaptable for production in all areas of South Africa.

a head of broccoli
broccoli stalk
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