McDonalds Seeds

Sweet Pepper Seed


Traina is a blocky green to red hybrid sweet pepper, especially adapted for not growing conditions under plastic houses with the ability to have continuous fruit setting under hot growing conditions.


Plato is a widely adapted blocky hybrid pepper for production of large green to red sweet peppers in the open field. The yields of fruit are of outstanding quality in the open field.


Maor is a popular medium maturing California Wonder type sweet pepper due to its high yield potential and excellent quality fruit. Maor is ideal for open field production and bulk packaging.


A widely adapted, early, hybrid blocky pepper with a compact growth habit and good leaf cover. The fruit are large, strongly four lobed, blocky, show very little purpling and ripen to a uniform glossy red.


Double Up is a widely adapted, hybrid blocky pepper for production in the open field. Double Up yields fruit of outstanding quality in the open field.


Citrine is a dark green to bright yellow, early maturing blocky type sweet pepper with a high yield potential. Citrine has a very high percentage large first grade fruit when grown under moderate temperatures.


Cierva is a blocky green to yellow hybrid pepper, especially adapted for growing conditions under plastic houses with very high temperatures in spring to summer and low temperatures in winter.


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