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Disco LL Tomato

Johan Stronhorst – Sakata Crop Manager
Johan Stronhorst – Sakata Crop Manager – Tomato’s and Peppers and Hercules Maritz – Farm Manager – Hohls Farming Eshowe – in a field of Disco Tomato

Fifteen years ago Mayford released Disco LL F1 Hybrid Determinate Salad Tomato.

Today it is still the reliable and adaptable quality variety; making it a great choice for every tomato farmer.

Disco LL F1 Salad Tomato – Special Features

• Long shelf life tomato with an excellent track record.
• Improved colour and flavour.
• High yield potential with a high percentage of first grade fruit.
• The variety is aimed at the typical pre-pack market but for outdoor production.
• Excellent disease package including bacterial canker.
• Low nitrogen requirement because of vigorous growth habit

For more information and assistance on a fertilizer program to help you get the best out of this fantastic variety – contact McDonald Seeds.

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