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Nativa Summer Carrot production

Nativa Summer Carrot Field

What has been a limiting factor for carrot production in KwaZulu-Natal in summer has always been high disease pressure.

This is largely due to high humidity and fluctuating temperatures; especially from the months October to February.

Powdery Mildew and Alternaria have a devastating effect on carrot production during these months.

These are also them months where high prices can be reached due to difficult growing conditions , for example low supply = good demand = high prices.

With the intensive trialing over the years by Sakata Seeds and McDonalds Seeds attempted to find a cultivar which could withstand such conditions.

Nativa F1 Hybrid Carrot stood head and shoulders over a number of varieties as well as the standard commercial varieties.

Nativa Hybrid Carrot – Special features:

• Summer to early autumn sowing
• Very early maturing
• Excellent yield potential
• Very uniform roots
• High resistance to nematodes
• Great choice for the pre pack as well as the bulk market.

Be careful however of sowing early and high applications of Nitrogen due to the plant vigour.

The adaptability and performance of Nativa during these difficult months make it now possible to produce carrots in KZN when prices are high.

This is also coupled with a high yield potential – Nativa is a great choice for the pre pack as well as the bulk market.

Contact McDonalds Seeds for more information on this unique variety and sowing guidelines for your area.

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