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Autry and Momentum Peppers

Trialed and tested by the McDonalds Seeds team, Autry and Momentum peppers offer thick walled blocky fruit for the bulk fresh, pre pack and processing markets.

Hardy and with growing features for optimal yield, they are particularly suited to open field and nethouse production.

Farmers looking to grow blocky peppers which offer high-quality fruit with excellent shelf – life are encouraged to plant Autry and Momentum F1 hybrid peppers.

Having noticed a high prevalence of phytophthora this season, a major benefit with the Momentum variety is intermediate phytophthora resistance.
Over and above this, both varieties provide protection from losses through their multiple disease resistance.

Autry offers resistance to Bacteria Leaf Spot 1-10, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, and intermediate resistance to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus.

Momentum offers intermediate resistance to Phytopthora, Bacterial Leaf Spot race 1-3, Tobacco Mosaic, Cucumber Mosaic , Tobacco Etch, Potato, Pepper Mottle and Pepper Yellow Mosaic Virus.

These pepper varieties are perfectly adapted for open field production and we suggest trellising for this form of production.

Fruit is early-maturing – approximately 65 days after transplant on the Autry – offering high % first-pick from concentrated fruit sets and on-going high growth potential over a long growing season.

The Momentum comes into production about 2 weeks later than Autry and like Autry has the ability to produce quality fruit over a long season.

The team at McDonalds Seeds highly recommend these 2 pepper varieties for farmers looking to supply multiple markets with high quality fruit.

Contact us for more information and to discuss growing suggestions tailored to your preferences.

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