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Ukulinga Dry Bean Seed

Ukulinga research facility

We have our own dry sugar bean breeding programme, based at Ukulinga Research Farm in Pietermaritzburg, run by Professor Rob Melis of Pro-Seed.

This breeding programme has seen the development of upright determinate dry sugar bean plants to facilitate mechanical harvesting.

dry sugar bean seed

Outstanding qualities

  • High Yield Potential
  • Excellent Disease Resistance
  • Upright, Bush Growth Habit
  • Large Seed Size

Ukulinga Sugar Bean Variety Is Protected by Plant Breeders Rights.

bean plant
Ukulinga Dry Bean Seed facility

Ukulinga has been developed as an easy-to-harvest sugar bean; an all-rounder adapted to most bean production areas. The unique combination of an upright bush growth habit with a late maturity, makes this high yielding variety simple and straight forward to harvest. Control of weeds, insects and disease is made easier as there will be little damage from tractor wheels while applying chemicals.

Ukulinga has also proved itself to be a high yielding bean in the national cultivar trials making this variety a must in your dry bean package this season.

Seed typeSugar beans
Maturity120 days
AdaptationDoes well in all bean-producing areas
Yield potentialHigh
Growth habitTall upright bush, with pods high off the ground
LodgingResistant to lodging
ShatteringResistant to shattering
HarvestingEasy to harvest; could possibly be harvested mechanically
Seed qualityLarge % first grade
Seed sizeAround 52 g per 100 seed
Seed rateApproximately 75-80 kg per ha
Pod appearanceLarge pod with red markings when mature
Fungal diseasesGood resistance to rust and angular leaf spot
Viral resistanceResistant to bean-common mosaic virus
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